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About Frame Visual Studio

My name is Mukanov Nur, I am the founder of the Frame Visual studio. Having graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the university I discovered the world of aesthetics and creation in the form of architectural 3D rendering.

We are a small team who loves what they do and are always ready to cooperate with the same architects, designers and furniture manufacturers. 

Now we have more than 500 successfully completed projects, more than 8 years of experience in 3D visualization and zero dissatisfied customers. This is something we are really proud of.

What are the benefits of Frame Visual


We use the best software to get the best results in 3D rendering


A streamlined workflow helps to achieve the desired result within the set time frame


Extensive experience in architectural, interior and furniture 3D rendering allows us to clearly understand the client's needs

To find out the exact cost of your project, leave a request

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